Patrick Seroczynski

iOS Developer & Network Engineer & IT Technical

mobile: (+353) 833379944 IE

About Me

For over 10 years focused on computers, computer networks and websites. I supported individual users and businesses.
Also I manage my own Linux server. This is how my project was created "eHomeServer". Services that are running are: server www (html/php), FTP, Samba, Media Server etc.

From 2016 year learning and designing applications for the Apple device in SWIFT. I'm at the stage of designing and creating my first app which will punish soon in the App Store and will be on my website downloadable to mobile devices.

I work in the IT industry since 2002. This is my passion. I like keeping things simple...

I invite you to read the blog. You will find there a lot of interesting information on the IT topics. I writes there about servers, programming and technical information. Unfortunately, the blog is written in my native language, Polish.

Repair, Design, Develop, Deliver turnkey solutions.

Help & Support IT, building websites, building & manage Home Media Server, design & building apps for iOS Apple devices, broadband connection, home network, WiFi connection, remote access.

Just some of the services what I offer

If your problem or question is not on this list, please email me or call and talk with me. Despite the fact that you didn't find your problem or question in this list, but it can also I can help you.

Repair, maintenance, replacing

Laptop, Computer, Tablet, not powering on, broken screens, Virus removal, slow or poor performance, overheating issues, dust removal, hardware & software upgrading, broadband problems, Internet routers or wi-fi suppport, home media center.

Your App, Your Brand, Create app

I design high quality apps that bring customers to your brand and keep them their for life. I develop highly functional apps that work for you, and work for your customers just as well. App Design are dedicated to creating the best quality web and mobile App Development software for you and your business. I creating and programming unique apps for you.

Web Design

I have been carrying out creative web design since I remmeber. I develop websites using a variety of Content Management Systems (CMS) like Joomla and WordPress while also creating custom websites with HTML/CSS. My goal is to create the website that will work for your business and works for you. On each project I provide training and support so that you can edit, change and update your website yourself, but I'm always just a phone call away if you need any help.